My name’s Berry and I want to tell you about Emote.  We have a therapists page but I wanted to talk directly with you on a personal level.

I’ll keep it short too!  If  you’re wanting to fill 10 or more spots a week with teletherapy clients I want Emote to help you.

We’ll build and pay for online ads- with you as the star- and with our marketing machine in motion hopefully in just a few weeks your entire schedule will be full.

And it costs you nothing- it’ll take just an hour or so of your time to give Emote a shot. We’ll do your intake forms and get some video and image assets from you and you can sit back and start seeing clients.   We provide the marketing and the software platform and you do all the therapy.

Two main points:
1. Even when Emote finds your clients- they are yours. We don’t tell you what to say or when to say it.  There are no quotas or minimums or scripts to follow.  Emote gets the client and we get out of the way-  Emote is in the marketing and software space-  you’re the counselor. So you follow your own best practices and procedures.

2. You can also bring your own clients- so if you run across someone across the state who wants to see you- then you can bring them to Emote.

I saw a hashtag recently for people in the mental health space and want to follow it-  it’s #postthepay –  so are the rates:

Full hour video session:  You make $56.
Half hour video session: You make $30
Week of text based therapy: You make $35
Bring your own clients:  You set the rate!

(The client pays $75, $40, and $50 respectively- the difference is Emote’s software and marketing fee.)

– You get paid when service is delivered.  If you do two video sessions today and one tomorrow you’ll see 3 payments- as soon as the service is delivered. They hit your bank account within a day usually.
– You’re in control of taking care of your clients- you set your schedules and service levels. There are no scripts or minimums.
– We are HIPAA secure- using Google and Twilio as our backbones-  behemoth names with world class security.

I’m your Emote contact for providers. If you have any questions just email me- berry@emote.life.   From there we can test Emote, answer questions, and get you going.

Thank You,
Berry Enloe